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大家好! 本周日1月21号上午9点中文学校正常上课。本周高中体育馆可以使用,请在体育馆的同学回原处上课。

中文学校现在正在组织大合唱团,参加今年密尔本2月11举办的春节晚会。具体的曲目是茉莉花You Raise Me Up。本周日课后12:30-1:30 ,我们在高中餐厅安排了集体排练。因为我们本周需要统计参加合唱的最后人数,欢迎还没有加入的学生和家长前来参加,大家一起在春晚舞台上展示中文学校的风采 !



Dear parents,

Our school will open as usual at 9am on Jan 21, 2018. The gym at high school will be available this week. Please go back to the gym for your classes this week if they are assigned there.

We are currently forming a large chorus group for the Chinese Spring Festival Show in Millburn, which will be held on Feb 11th. The songs that we will sing are Mo Li Hua and You Raise Me Up. We will hold a rehearsal from 12:30pm to 1:30pm this Sunday at the cafeteria. Since we need to count the number of singers for this show this week, please make sure to come and sign up with us for this performance.

Have a great weekend!

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