Millburn Chinese School

学校简介 School Introduction

密尔本华夏中文学校(Millburn Institute of Talent)是新州注册的非营利机构,是由一群热爱中国文化,关心下一代成长,了解社区需求,长期服务社区的热心人士组建的。学校的目的是教授中文,宣传中国文化,增加社区凝聚力,促进与其他社区的交流。

我们将会寓教于乐,致力于将传统中华文化贯穿到中文教育中,提升学习中文的实用性以及提倡传播中华文化的精华, 把经5000年历史锤炼出来的优良传统和美德传授下去。 密尔本中文学校将加大网络资源以及多媒体的使用, 整合和萃取现有教学方法中的精华,增加与学生家长之间的交流和互动, 为孩子们营造一个更有效率和更有兴趣的学习环境, 希望借此将教学办得精彩丰富, 以期彻底改变“ABC”们提到中文学校就头疼的现状, 让学生对中文和璀璨的中华文化产生浓厚兴趣, 培养学生学习中文的自主性。

密尔本华夏中文学校周日上午上课,招收从学前班到九年级的学生。我校将组织强大的教职员工队伍,除中文课外,还将同时提供多种文体课程和CSL课程。教学之余还会组织家长活动,扩大社交网络。欢迎所有的学生和家长加入我们, 一起为传承中华文化作出贡献。

Millburn Institute of Talent is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of New Jersey for the purposes of teaching Chinese language, promoting Chinese culture and promoting cross cultural exchange with local communities. It was found by a group of enthusiasts who love the Chinese culture, care about the development of the next generation, understand community needs and have a long history of serving the community. It will be a branch of Huaxia Chinese School.

We will try to make learning Chinese fun. We are committed to incorporate Chinese culture into the language learning, enhancing the practicality and promoting the essence of Chinese culture. The school will lever the use of internet resources and multimedia, refine the current teaching methodology, improve the communication with the parents, eventually create a more efficient and interesting learning environment for the students. We hope this will enrich their learning experience, so that it will change the status quo of most students disliking Chinese schools. We hope the students will develop lifelong interest in learning the Chinese language and culture and will be self-motivated to continue the journey throughout their lives.

The school is a K-9 school and the class time will be on Sunday mornings. We will have a strong team of faculty and staff. Besides Chinese classes, we offer a variety of other classes and CSL (Chinese as Second Language). Apart from teaching, we will also organize parent activities, youth clubs and expand social network. We welcome all the students and parents to join us together, to pass on the tradition of Chinese culture.

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