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大家好! 为了迎接中国农历新年的到来,中文学校和密尔本华人协会将于2月11日在密尔本高中共同举办春节庆祝活动。活动的安排如下:

1:30 - 3:45pm 节日背景免费纪念照片 (餐厅)
1:30 - 3:45pm 美食 (体育馆)
2:00 - 3:45pm 游园 (体育馆)
3:45- 4:15 pm 舞狮 (前院 - 体育馆 - 礼堂)
4:15 - 7:15pm 文艺晚会 (礼堂)
7:30 - 7:45pm 烟火 (前院)




Dear parents,

To celebrate the coming Chinese New year, our school and Millburn/Short Hills Chinese Association will hold a Spring Festival Eventon Feb 11th at Millburn High School. The schedule of this event is as follows.

1:30 - 3:45pm, Family Holiday Photo Shooting (Cafeteria)
1:30 - 3:45pm, Finger Food and Snacks (Gym)
2:00 - 3:45pm, Games (Gym)
3:45- 4:15 pm, Lion Dance (Gym, Front Lawn, Auditorium)
4:15 - 7:15pm, Performance (Auditorium)
7:30 - 7:45pm, Firework (Front Lawn)

Since many of our students will be doing the rehearsal for performance show in the morning this Sunday, we decided to cancel our classes on Feb 11th. The classes will be rescheduled to Feb 25th, which was originally set as a school break day. We encourage all of our students and their parents to participate in this celebration event. Except the food and performance show, all other activities are open to the public for free. Please come and join us this Sunday.

Have a great Chinese New Year!

Millburn Institute of Talent

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