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大家好! 本周日421日上午9点中文学校正常上课。由于这个周日是美国的复活节,学生如果因为有其他活动需要请假的,请向老师事先说明,本次缺课将不计入考勤。




请已经值过班的家长到办公室领取值班支票。和去年一样,我们今年要求每个家庭完成一次学校的义务工作,义工的签名表如下。本周值班人员是上次120日因风雪取消上课的值班家长:Xiaohong Chao, Shilling Ryan, Sean Zhou Shen Gang。在值班期间请到学校办公室内签名,以作为退款凭证。






Dear parents,


Our school will open as usual at 9am on April 21st. Since it is the Easter weekend, some students may need to attend some other activities. Please inform their teachers in advance if they cannot go to school. We will not count it as absence.


We would like to emphasize again that students should not run and chase each other inside or outside  classrooms during the school time. Please remind your children of our school rules at home. 


The checks for parents who has fulfilled their parent duty are available for pickup now. As what we have done last year, each family of our school is required to fulfill parent duty for one time during the school year. The sign-up sheet is available online now.  Please sign up through the link below. Parents for this week are Xiaohong Chao, Shilling Ryan, Sean Zhou and Shen Gang, who originally signed up for Jan 20th (the school for that day was cancelled). Please come to the cafeteria to sign your names when you do your parent duty. We will issue refund checks based on your signatures.


Have a great weekend!


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