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Dear Parents and Teachers,

Our school year's (2017-2018) registration starts on Monday, May 22, 2017 for existing students. Registration for new students starts on May 31, 2017.

Registration Instruction

1. Use following link for Millburn Institute of Talent website.

2. If you don't have an account in our online registration system, please create an account first

a. Click ”Registration“ and then "Online Registration".
b. Click "create a new account and follow the flow to create new account
c. System will create your account and provide you a system generated password.

3. Login into your account in our online registration system

4. Please feel free to change your password if necessary.

5. Click the link ”2017-2018 School Year Class Registration“ in the Registration Section

6. Click “Add a Child” link to add a child first before registering classes for that child. Parents should be there as parents information was required during create new account stage.

7. Click Registration link next to your kids' name if you register for your kids or Click Registration link next to your own name if you register for yourself

8. Select the Chinese course or any Cultural course(s) and press Confirm button

9. Click the link "Register for another family member" it will bring you back to Family Profile page, keep registering more courses for other family members

10. Once you complete the registration, click the link "Print Registration Form" to print out the registration form, then Read and sign the registration form.

11. Print, Read and sign School Policies.

12. Mail the registration form, School Policies with a check to the school's Mail Box or drop them to school office.

The following items are additional to tuitions:

1. $50 Non-refundable Administration fee

2. $10 discount if you register online

3. $50 Registration fee. Waived if you register and send payment before July 15, 2017.

4. $50 Parent Duty Fee. Millburn Institute of Talent is owned and supported by its parents. Volunteerism is important for our long-term success. We appreciate your active participation in making our school better. The $50 parent duty fee will be collected per family at the time of registration and will be refunded once a family fulfills its assigned duty/duties.

If you have any question please send email to

Thank you for your support !

(Below is the Chinese translation)


密尔本华夏中文学校 2017-2018年度现有学生注册于2017年5月22日(星期一)正式开始。新学生注册于5月31开始。


1. 点击学校网站.

2. 如果你没有在我们的网上报名系统帐户,请先建立一个帐户

a. 点击注册 (“Registration”),然后网上报名 (“Online Registration”)。
b. 点击创建新帐户 (“Create New Account”),并按照流程来创建新帐号
c. 系统建立您的帐户,并为您提供一个系统生成的密码。

3. 登录到我们的网上报名系统帐户

4. 请随时在必要时更改您的密码。

5. 点击注册部分 (”Registration Section”)下面的链接 2017-2018 School Year Class Registration

6. 首次注册, 需要点击”加小孩子” (“Add a Child”) 链接加孩子。家长应该已经在创建新帐户阶段输入了自己的信息。

7. 如果您为您的孩子注册, 点击孩子名字旁边的注册 (“Registration”) 链接. 如果您为自己注册注册, 点击您自己的名字旁边的注册 (“Registration”) 链接.

8. 选择中国课程或任何文化课后, 点击确认(“Confirm”)。

9. 点击链接“注册其他家庭成员” ("Register for another family member"),它将把您带回家庭资料页上, 继续其他家庭成员课程注册.

10. 您完成注册后,点击 “打印报名表”("Print Registration Form") 链接, 阅读并签署报名表。

11. 打印阅读并签署 学校制度

12. 把支票,报名表以及学校制度送到学校办公室或寄到学校的邮政信箱。


1. $50 非退还管理费

2. 如果您在网上注册, 有$10的折扣,

3. $50 注册费。如果您在2017年7月15日之前注册和寄出支票,将免收注册费。

4. $50 家长值班押金 家长对学校的志愿服务对我们的长期成功非常重要。感谢您对学校积极参与和支持。每个家庭在注册的时候, 我们会收集 $50 家长值班押金,一旦一个家庭履行其职责, 我们会全额退还押金。


谢谢大家的合作与支持 !


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