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周日早上9点到10点之间,学校办公室将继续开放,以便于家长交学费或领取值班支票,10点之后,学校将有专人在礼堂门口提供相关服务。本周值班人员是Tingyu He, Joshua Burns, Keming Zhang, Yang Li, Hua DengLin Wang。请大家8:45到学校集合,分配工作。






Dear parents,


Our graduation ceremony will be held on June 16th, 2019, the last day for this school year. All students and parents are welcome to attend this event. In this ceremony, we will celebrate the great progress that our students have made over the past year and appreciate the hard work by our teachers and class moms. Our students will also present themselves on the stage with all kinds of shows. Please come to join us for the celebration this Sunday.


All students who attend Chinese classes during 9am to 10:35amshould come at 9amto pick up student report cards. Other students, who attend 10:55am to 12:30pmclasses, should come at 9:30amfor report cards. The graduation ceremony will start at 10amand finish around 12:30pmat high school auditorium. Please come to the auditorium before 10amand find your seats based on the chart below.


Between 9am and 10am, our office will still be open for parents to pick up parents duty checks or submit tuition payments. The service will be available at the door of the auditorium after 10am. People for parent duty this week are Tingyu He, Joshua Burns, Keming Zhang, Yang Li, Hua Deng and Lin Wang. Please come to the school at 8:45am in Sunday morning.


Have a great weekend!


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